Brantford’s best women’s only fitness centre. Exercise classes, smoothie bar, childcare, equipment room, and community.

519.751.2500 177 Paris Road (Rear Entrance) Mon - Fri 5:30 - 9.00, info@the-fitnesscentre.ca
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Fitness Instructor

Hi ladies! My name is Joy and I am one of the instructors at the Fitness Centre. I’m a certified fitness instructor and have been teaching classes for 17 years. I provide a variety of different workouts which include muscle, cardio, boxing and spin classes allowing you to customize your workouts to your preferences. I’m very passionate about helping people find happiness in their lives and I take pride in helping women feel good about themselves. There are many different aspects to living a healthy lifestyle and I want to spread that knowledge to as many people as I can! Whether it’s stressing the importance of stretching and warming up before workouts, healthy eating habits or the importance of proper sleep, it’s important to know the different factors of a healthy life. I am a store manager at a hectic Dollarama store, so I know the challenges about balancing your everyday work with your physical and social goals. Finding a balance that works for you is so important to living a happy and healthy life. I am here to provide as much assistance as I can to help you become the best version of yourself!