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Licensed Nia Teacher

Throughout my life I have always been aware of the heightened sense of vitality and joy that I feel when moving to music, whether in studios, dance halls, in my living room, or in my backyard. My introduction to Nia in 2000 deepened that awareness and taught me the incredible science behind movement for wellness. I marveled at the journey each Nia class took me on, from the initial moments of centering to the agility and flow of dance steps, from the precision of kicks and punches to the grounding effect of floorplay at the end of each routine, all done to an eclectic blend of inspiring music.

In 2003, I became a licensed Nia Teacher. Since then, I have delivered Nia classes and playshops aiming to inspire people to listen to their bodies and engage in purposeful, playful, and expressive movement to get fit, self-heal, and personally transform.

I invite you to explore the peace and power of Nia and to discover the Joy of Movement as a lifestyle practice.