Refreshment Bar

Refreshment Bar

The Fitness Centre wants to encourage you to make good food choices. How you fuel up or wind down your day is enhanced by making great meal and snack choices.

Our Refreshment Bar offers lots of choices; a great cup of coffee or tea while you visit with friends after a workout, protein bars for a quick snack, fresh fruit choices to grab on the run and yogurt parfaits with your choice of fruit for a solid start to your morning.

We also offer amazing protein shakes with lots of options; it will be hard for you to pick a favourite!

Fresh juices, healthy snacks, great smoothies await you at our Refreshment Bar! Stop by on your way in or out or on your way to work, errands or visiting.

The Fitness Centre provides you with great tasting filtered and UV treated water to enhance your hydration. Bring your water bottle and fill up!

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