Personal Training
Find Your POWER!

The Fitness Centre has awesome Certified Personal Trainers that are here to provide you with guidance and challenges so you can reach your personal goals. Are you focused on weight loss? Toning? Strength? Improving functionality like balance and flexibility? You will find the answers and uplifting support at our Facility and with your Personal Trainer.

Canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialists are trained to teach you the proper way to work your muscles, cardio, respiratory and thinking systems. Working with a Personal Trainer can challenge you no matter what your current level of fitness and encourage you to reach your goals and targets.

Working with a Certified Personal Training Specialist will begin with assessments, discussion about your goals and timelines, preferred workout styles and commitment. You will work with your trainer to develop a training program that will be monitored and re-assessed on a regular schedule.

Ask for an appointment to meet with a Certified Personal Training Specialist today and get ready to start down an exciting and challenging road to a more powerful and confident YOU!

Certified Personal Training Specialist:
Judy Gorham

Certified Personal Training Specialist:
Tammara Lynch

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