Not sure where to begin on a workout routine or how to get started?

“A lot of women get stuck in a rut, going to the gym at the same time every day and doing the same thing all the time because they don’t know how to change their workout routine.  Try something new, even if it’s scary or you’re afraid to look stupid – it’s a sure fireway to make changes in your body.”

Our in-house trainer Judy Gorham  has what it takes to help you reach your goals, taking the stress out of  getting in shape eating right and finding time for you.


As we understand that every "body" is different, we also know that every woman  comes with her own unique story and exercise history. The benefit to working with a personal trainer is that your specific needs can be addressed so that your goals can be achieved.


Each starter program begins with a verbal assessment when you meet with our personal trainer and  then she will design your plan and meet with you to implement  your individual program.
The option for sessions to work with our personal trainer is also available;  meeting with Judy in different time frames will depend on you and your schedule.



***All prices are subject to taxes and services fees where applicable.

***All prices are subject to change at the discretion of management.