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Judy Gorham

As a little girl I knew I wanted to help people look and feel better about themselves. I joined the Fitness Centre in 1998 and as the years past I thought that being a fitness instructor would be good for me and then I would be helping others look and feel better about themselves (Win Win).

I have been a Fitness Instructor Specialist since 2005.  There is a wide range of classes I can teach, from Spin to Kick Boxing to Step and Essential Mat Work.

I love to do all of them but the part I love the most is helping women

to push past a point where they don't think they can go any further and find out that they do have it in them to do just that.

In addition to teaching classes I have have my Personal Trainers Certificate and again enjoy every minute of what I do helping you feel better about yourself.

I have 4 children who have been going to the Fitness Centre since, well really, before they were born, and all of them have, in some way, in their minds or actions will be involved in the fitness industry as they grow.

The first step is the hardest step;  So let me help you get past the first step.

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177 Paris Rd.

Brantford, ON


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Monday          5:30am - 10:00pm

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