BALLS, BARS and/or BANDS: *C/M  Join together the combination of different pieces of equipment to get the cardio and muscle endurance your body needs to enhance your physical and mental ability.

BODY BLAST:  *C/M  A timed based class that uses a variety of equipment to help you gain the strength and endurance needed in your daily lifestyle

BODY SCULPT & CARDIO:   *C/M  A mix of cardio exercise combined with great muscle conditioning makes this class a real “blast” for your whole body.

ABS, ARMS, ASSETS:   *CM  Infuse your cardio with upper and lower body conditioning and core work to provide a total body workout that makes the most of your time.

CARDIO & MUSCLE TRIO:   *C/M  This class is a great way to combine cardio and strength if you're short on time.  A mix of fitness techniques to keep your body challenged. This non-stop experience of strength / cardio exercises is just right when you're looking for results!

CMT MIX UP:   *C/M   In the short period of time that we have to get things done, this class will hit every muscle in your body with the combination of (CMT =) Cardio, Muscle, & Tabata.  GET ‘ER DONE!

FEATURE OF THE DAY:   *C/M (S)  To find out what the class is for the Feature on Saturday and Sunday at 9:15am please call the facility - 519.751.2500

HAT TRICK:   *C/M  During this energy packed class members sample 3 different style components of exercise to get the most from their workout. (A different style set up every week)

HIIT:  (High Intense Interval Training) - take your body well out of its comfort zone to work that hard, it will burn more calories to get your body back into balance after the workout.  That means a greater afterburn, meaning you'll burn extra calories even if you're just sitting around after your workout. (sometime an  options for the feature on the weekends)

INTERVALS:   *C/M  Combination of different cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises that will   challenge you in your workout routine. 

KETTLEBELLS & BOXING:  *C/M  Take your workout to a whole new level by working many parts of the body simultaneously, elevating the heart rate for effective cardiovascular training.

MUSCLE EXERTION:   *M  NO CARDIO!! What!! This class is designed to work every muscle in the body in a short amount of time.  Using a combination of equipment and moves you will be sweating like there was cardio involved. ((Noun) the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit.)

SPIN & ABS:   *C/M  Whether you are new to spin or a seasoned veteran, this class will take your muscles and cardiovascular system to new limits.

STABILITY / CORE & STRENGTH  Combining some cardio with stability balls and weights to help you gain some strength in your core all the while working the muscles in your body by using some low and high intense cardio combinations.  

STEP & MUSCLE CONDITIONING:   *C/M  This class has been designed to challenge like never before, spice and flare to your basic step bringing this class to a new level.  Get your hips moving and your body shaking.

TABATA:   *C/M Training involves performing a particular exercise (or exercises) at high intensity for 20, 30, 50 seconds followed by 10, 15, 25 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total training time of 4 minutes. Challenge yourself and have fun trying something different.  You will love the results

W.O.D.:   *C/M (W.O.D – workout of the day) Never the same workout.  Every week you will never know what kind of workout you are going to get - HIIT, TABATA, BOOTCAMP, CIRCUIT, it will surprise you and every week you will work on various activities creating the kind of variety that everybody needs in a real kick butt workout!

ZUMBA®:  *C   Combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combination’s that allow the participants to dance away their worries **Zumba Classes are

taught in the dark with strobe lights.

ZUMBA® STEP:   *C/M   Elevate your fitness party!  Take lower body workouts and calorie burning to new heights with ZUMBA® STEP.  Tone and strengthen glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines & step moves.

ZUMBA ® TONING:  *C/M Combines Zumba moves along with light-weight upper body resistance, you'll work against gravity on the floor to define your legs and abdominal muscles.