What are you getting ready for?  Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?  Or are you just wanting to be healthier, stronger, to be more fit and energized?  

Come for yourself, come to support a friend, come together and motivate each other - why you are here is to benefit only you.  This is all about you and no one else!  It's Never Too Late To Feel Great!

4 Weeks of High Intense Interval Training and you will become more fit, stronger, healthier and energized in no time.  

This Bootcamp welcomes women of all ages and levels of fitness, and provides a total-body workout (each session is 1 hour) designed to target trouble spots and sculpt you from head-to-toe.

Designed to help women feel good about their bodies, we are not an "in-your-face-hard-core" miilitary style boot camp.

We're a fun and friendly fitness program that is designed for women to progressively challenge themselves" no pressure to participate and no competition with anyone other than yourself

Classes run: 

Monday evenings - 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Thursday 6:30pm - 7:30pm; 

Sunday mornings 8 - am - 9am

Choose the day that suits you best - you can choose 1 class a week or you can choose to all 3.

 Here's what you need to be prepared for class:

  • you

  • energy

  • water

  • towel

  • determination

  • motivation

  • sense of humor :)

  • an "I can do this" motto

  • self perseverance

  • self confidence (we can help)

  • be yourself

  • did we mention water.

Please call the facility for details and prices.